Income Protection

Protecting your income is probably one of the most important forms of insurance cover. What would happen if you became unwell or were injured? Income protection insurance covers your salary on a monthly basis while you are unable to work.

At Downton and Ali, we can help you look at any existing cover you have in place and whether it’s fit for purpose, or we can help ensure you find the right income protection policy to sufficiently cover your financial commitments if you are unable to work.

A waiting period applies to any disability claim. This is a form of insurance excess. The waiting period is chosen by the insured person and is the number of days they have to be permanently disabled before income benefits can start to be paid. The usual waiting period options range from 28 days to 12 months but in the event of a claim, benefits could be paid until retirement age.

Buying a property is probably one of the largest financial commitments you will ever make. Therefore, it is important to ensure that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, you will be able to maintain the mortgage associated costs.

An accident, sickness and unemployment policy will provide protection for your mortgage related costs for up to 2 years. It can be taken in single or joint names, allowing couples to both be protected on a joint mortgage. The value of the claim is capped at a percentage of the mortgage related costs only and is not your full income.

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